This section of the website describes the conditions of eligibility, coverage and claims procedures under the Insulators Local 95 Benefit Fund("Trust Fund"). The Board of Trustees is solely responsible for establishing the eligibility rules of the Trust Fund. Effort has been made to ensure that the coverage descriptions contained on this website are consistent with the group insurance policies issued by the Insurance Companies and with related government Health coverages. However, this website is not, in itself, a legal contract, so it follows that the terms and conditions of the insurance policies, and of the governing legislation, take precedence in case of dispute.

Your Collective Agreement stipulates the contributions made to the Trust Fund, and thus determines your classification under this Trust Fund. Your benefits may change from time to time depending on the terms of the Collective Agreement negotiated between your Union and Your Employer(s), who contribute to this Trust Fund.

Should you require additional information on the benefits or your current classification, please contact your plan’s Administrative Agent, Benefit Plan Administrators Limited.

The Trustees are confident that the benefit coverage, provided by the Trust Fund, is of real value to you and your eligible Dependents.

Insulators Local 95 Benefit Trust Fund c/o Benefit Plan Administrators 
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